Room Installations

You meet a new person and come to his home for the first time. You think: Oh yes, someone like that.

People, craftsmen, students, we are all visitors, inhabitants and users of spaces. We shape the rooms and the rooms shape our lives.
I find rooms just as fascinating as people.
When I photograph spaces, I see them as portraits of their inhabitants. When I work with spaces as an artist, I also see their users. They have become accustomed to following their routine in the room, to automatically follow the room in its imagined function. Taking the world for granted.

What happens when we interrupt this routine, when we redirect the direct path? Wait, wasn’t here always… Doesn’t here actually have to be…?
I awaken the child, the curiosity, the perception. I want to interrupt the routine with a little irritation. Trigger self-awareness. To cancel out boredom. In the room, let people perceive and feel themselves again.




The Wall



this or that






Berlin Garden



Rotation Swing



change here to night photography…